For six years, Jack and John have been musical guests on The Bill Bevins Wake up Show. Below is music 12/15/2011 with Jack, John, Daniel Clark, and Randall Pharr. You will need to hit the "stop button" on the site music, and then give us a listen.




John Winn is Jack's son. John is making quite a mark in the music world. Check his site.


John Winn News and u-tube 
Here's a little video the Russians put together of our trips there, using my song for them as a soundtrack. It's part of an advertising campaign for the city of Vladivostok.




John Winn is Jack Winn's son who is making his mark in the music world.

Check out John Winn's site!

Dan Borlowsky has a BIG BAND. Check this band out.

Central Virginia Jazz Orchestra

If you prefer to book with an agency, note the information below.

Sam Hill

East Coast Entertainment

Choice Entertainment

Richmond, Virginia Musicians
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 Live Bands in Richmond - Petersburg, VA  Virginia Live Bands  Jack Winn-tet  

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